What’s a Good Conversion Rate From Pitch to Opportunity?


What’s a Good Conversion Rate From Pitch to Opportunity?

Analyzing how many meetings/opportunities an SDR books, once they've actively pitched the lead, is crucial. So, what's a good conversion rate for this KPI?

Here at Bloobirds, we call this KPI pitch efficiency. It measures the rate of which an SDR achieves a meeting/opportunity once they’ve actively pitched the lead.

This crucial KPI demonstrates the relevance of your value proposition to your clients and the quality of your messaging. So, what’s a knockout conversion rate for pitch efficiency?

The answer is between 25-35%. That means about every 1 in 3 of your SDRs’ phone conversations should end in a meeting. The other two call recipients either don’t listen, aren’t interested, or feel it’s not the right moment for your solution.

opportunity conversion rate benchmark- what's a good conversion rate for pitch efficiency?

If you’re finding that the pitch isn’t resonating with leads at the ideal rate, multiple variables could be at fault. First, make sure you get the big three correct: talking to the right person from the right company with the right messaging. 

If a receptive lead isn’t converting into an opportunity, then your messaging needs to be revised. Make sure your SDRs are correctly trained and confident on the phone, as messaging is only half the battle when it comes to an excellent pitch.

An eager-to-listen client shows the significance of your solution in the market. On the other hand, if the value proposition doesn’t resonate, then your target market isn’t feeling the problem you’re trying to solve. In this case, it’s time to revise your product-market fit.

Paying attention to your pitch efficiency conversion rate can steer your SaaS in the right direction and prevent costly veers off course. 

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