Inside Modern Sales Operations | Tech stack advice from Ebsta


Inside Modern Sales Operations | Tech stack advice from Ebsta

In our “Inside Modern Sales Operations” series, we're asking Sales Ops Managers in the B2B SaaS market to share one of their best practices. This week Elliott Braund from Ebsta is joining us.

Sales and Rev Ops leaders have long been the unsung heroes of revenue generation – until now. 

We realized that Ops needed a voice, especially in the European market. That’s why we’ve created this Inside Modern Sales Operations series. You’ll find each article packed with; real, unfiltered advice from one Rev and Sales Operations leader that’s influencing the B2B SaaS industry worldwide. 

Today, Elliott Braund, Revenue Operations Manager at Ebsta, is talking about optimizing his sales tech stack. Let’s jump on in! 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m an international graduate of Chapman University in Southern California, having been born and schooled in the UK. Before graduating, I worked in a small number of tech and sales-related roles; including internships in the tech-department of Vans and sales development at MB Financial.

I have since spent the last two years working at Ebsta, an international SaaS company that provides Relationship Intelligence for Salesforce.

My role has rapidly evolved from initially running sales operations for the customer success team to now as the Revenue Operations Manager with oversight of all revenue-generating teams. Our teams are spread between Ebsta’s two office locations in London, UK and San Diego, USA.

How do you contribute to your team’s success?

I oversee the day-to-day operations of all revenue-generating teams at Ebsta and am directly responsible for the sales development representatives that build the sales pipeline. My goal is to continuously improve productivity and results from an early set-up phase through the development of several initiatives to a cadence of consistent performance.

Working closely with the Chief Growth Officer, I evaluate and improve sales and customer success processes, measure, and report progress. I hold each segment of the sales team accountable to their objectives for both activity and results. As part of my responsibility, I provide data and collaborate with marketing to develop a quality pipeline for our sales teams.

I also research new processes and technology aimed at driving better productivity from the revenue-generating teams. Once we find something of material interest; I pull together the business case, gain approval, and implement, providing metrics to confirm the expected improvements.

What’s your sales operations best practice?

I suggest a shift in mindset. One that moves from buying tech as a stand-alone solution to seeing it as part of a connected ecosystem. When you’re running sales ops, technology is your route to scale. However, even the best sales tools can create Frankenstein’s monster if you’re not thinking of their broader role in the stack.

So, Does the tool complement what you already have? Or the larger operation you’re building? And also, do you have the right data, process, and people to optimize it? Every decision I make is data-first and tech-driven in this new decade.

Even the best tech can create Frankenstein’s monster if you’re not thinking of its broader role in the stack.

We had an expansive Sales tech stack. Our sales reps were required to work in multiple different environments, with many tabs and programs open. Therefore, we were experiencing inefficiencies in our processes due to the amount of time wasted switching between various tools.

I’ve been working on refining the sales tech stack here at Ebsta down to a tightly-connected ecosystem of tools. Overall, it has helped tremendously in simplifying the process for our teams. Not to mention, saving them valuable time to focus on their individual targets and goals.

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