Inside Modern Sales Operations | Expert Advice from ForceManager


Inside Modern Sales Operations | Expert Advice from ForceManager

In our “Inside Modern Sales Operations” series, we're asking Sales Ops Managers in the B2B SaaS market to share one of their best practices. This week Marta Segarra from ForceManager is joining us.

Sales and Rev Ops leaders have long been the unsung heroes of revenue generation – until now. 

We realized that Ops needed a voice, especially in the European market. That’s why we’ve created our Inside Modern Sales Operations series. You’ll find each article packed with real, unfiltered advice from one Rev and Sales Operations leader that’s influencing the B2B SaaS industry worldwide. 

Today we’re featuring Marta Segarra, Manager of Business Development Team & Sales Operations at ForceManager. Let’s jump on in! 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been passionate about sales since my first professional experience in the Direct Sales Division at Grupo Planeta.

After more than two years at Barna Consulting Group, as a sales consultant and trainer, I joined ForceManager to lead the Sales Operations and SDR team.

How do you contribute to your sales team’s success?

As a Sales Operations Manager, my role is supporting the sales team to sell more, and better. This implies applying a bit of “science” into sales. We implement processes and indicators that allow us to scale up while identifying weaknesses and enhancing strengths.

At ForceManager, Sales Operations is the department responsible for identifying sales training needs. More importantly, we coordinate the relationship between the entire sales team to facilitate the sharing of best practices among sales reps.

What’s your sales operations best practice?

We’ve recently implemented two things that we believe are going to be essential to growth.

The first, more strategic, consists of radical focus. A homogenous sales approach doesn’t work anymore, so we are specializing our team by specific verticals we want to attack. This team structure creates more coordinated marketing strategies and better knowledge of the verticals and their stakeholders.

Therefore, we’re working hard on creating squads between SDRs and sales. The sales reps and the Business Unit Director, are responsible for verticalized pitch training with the SDRs. Together they all fight for a common goal – MRR.

On a more tactical note, we have decided to complement our “bird’s eye view” and volume analysis with a more in-depth, detailed analysis. We review every opportunity individually with the sales reps to understand the real reason behind a deal closure or loss.

Although time-consuming, this has allowed us to perform a pipeline aging analysis to really understand our pipe, and draw both quantitative and qualitative conclusions about our sales process.

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