Inside Modern Sales Operations | Expert advice from PatSnap


Inside Modern Sales Operations | Expert advice from PatSnap

In our “Inside Modern Sales Operations” series, we're asking Sales Ops Managers in the B2B SaaS market to share one of their best practices. This week Tarnjeet Nandra from PatSnap is joining us.

Sales and Rev Ops leaders have long been the unsung heroes of revenue generation – until now. 

We realized that Ops needed a voice, especially in the European market. That is why we’ve created this Inside Modern Sales Operations series. You’ll find each article packed with; real, unfiltered advice from one Rev and Sales Operations leader that’s influencing the B2B SaaS industry worldwide. 

Today we’re featuring Tarnjeet Nandra, Head of Revenue Operations at PatSnap. Let’s jump on in! 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I began my career with Thomson Reuters, gaining unparalleled experience in the sales and revenue operations space. I currently work as Head of Revenue Operations for PatSnap, bringing my tactical, strategic, and scalable expertise to the table.

How do you contribute to your team’s success?

I help unify the operations of Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Product Management to create and operate common processes used by our teams to retain and grow revenue.

I enjoy helping teams improve commercial effectiveness; For example, by applying structure, process, tools, and see how that change contributes towards the organization’s success. 

What’s your sales operations best practice?

I believe that for the customer to have a tremendous external experience, it starts with internal people, processes, and tech. So, I like to combine these three areas in my solution across every project, initiative, or request. 

Great people management is an integral part of helping solve challenges within the team. Also, building strong relationships with senior stakeholders and cross-functional teams is vital. Equally important is finding and training the right team members who think analytically and towards process improvement.  

It would help if you had processes to prioritize inbound requests; get timely approval, procure the right tools, and ensure the right people use them. For instance, I suggest building a Revenue Operations roadmap to answer business needs; and initiatives and devising an approach to acquire new technology. Also, ensure that an enablement plan is in place for new processes and tools to be adopted.

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