Marketing and Sales Development Driving Revenue Together [Webinar]


Marketing and Sales Development Driving Revenue Together [Webinar]

Learn how to get both your sales development and marketing teams on the same page, and increase inbound lead conversion on the way.

You know the deal.

Either your marketing and sales development teams barely talk, or when you do, it’s usually one team complaining about the other not doing their job right. 

In this upcoming webinar, learn how to get on the same page as both marketers and SDRs, and increase inbound lead conversion on the way.

Who you’ll hear from

Joining the live panel is Andy Culligan. As the CMO of Leadfeeder, his core focus is making sure that marketing goals are 100% aligned to those of the sales organization. With close to a decade of experience in SaaS MarTech, he’s built teams from the ground up and managed both marketing and SDR teams to pipeline success.

Andy will be accompanied by another multifaceted marketing leader, AJ Alonzo. As the Director of Marketing of DemandDrive, he helps companies build and manage sustainable, successful sales development programs. He made his goal to develop resources for SDRs who are looking to level up and help SDR and marketing managers looking for guidance.

Hosting the webinar, we’re joined by our very own Demand Gen Manager Sofia Guzmán Font. She acts as the link between our sales development team and lead generation.

What you’ll gain

Find out how our marketing and SDR teams link up and how we set up our inbound pipelines for success. 

You’ll learn useful tools, reports, and communication methods to bring your most crucial opportunity generation teams together and increase revenue along the way.

We’ll also cover:

  • How to increase the demo request conversion from your SDR team
  • How to follow your marketing qualified leads (MQLs) through the SDR pipeline and help them convert
  • What weekly reports and meetings you need to make both teams successful
  • Using PPC and content marketing to help your SDRs close more meetings

How can I watch the webinar?

Join the webinar and get your questions ready for 10 minutes of live Q&A. Register now to crack the code on sales and marketing alignment, finally.

Sales and Marketing Alignment | SDRs and Marketing Driving Revenue Together OppGen Webinar

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