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An inside on how to turn inbound leads into more sales opportunities [Webinar]


An inside on how to turn inbound leads into more sales opportunities [Webinar]

Learn proven tactics from Andy Culligan and Michael Hansons for bringing prospecting and marketing teams together to increase inbound lead conversion.

Don’t give up on those webinar or ebook leads. Learn how to get your SDRs on board with marketing and bridge the gap between demand generated and meetings booked. With over a decade in SaaS marketing experience, Andy Culligan will share actionable tips to ensure that marketing goals are 100% aligned to those of the prospecting team. Plus, Michael Hanson will share his secret to grabbing prospect’s attention and converting those elusive top-of-the-funnel content leads. Now’s the time to optimize inbound prospecting 💪

In this on-demand webinar, find out more proven tactics to help prospecting and marketing join forces and book more inbound meetings.

Who you’ll hear from

Andy Culligan’s core focus is making sure that marketing goals are 100% aligned to those of the sales organization. With close to a decade of experience in SaaS martech, and as former CMO of Leadfeeder, he’s built teams from the ground up, managed both marketing and SDR teams to pipeline success.

Michael Hanson is a seasoned Sales and Marketing expert, sales consultant, and founder of Growth Genie – a sales consultancy, which helps companies book more qualified meetings and close more deals through in-depth sales training.

Sofia Guzmán Font is the Demand Gen Manager at Bloobirds. She’s been a crucial part of the marketing teams at several high-growth B2B SaaS companies such as Red Points and The SaaS Institute. As a multifaceted marketer, she acts as the link between Bloobirds’ sales development team and lead generation.

What you’ll gain

Watch and find out what tools & tactics top prospecting & marketing pros use to turn inbound leads into more meetings. Here’s what we discuss in the video:

  • How to help SDRs increase meetings booked from content leads
  • A concrete action plan that marketers can use to enable SDRs with each campaign
  • Creative prospecting tactics and personal touches that increase engagement
  • Which reports and tools to use to understand why inbound leads aren’t converting into meetings – and how to turn things around

How can I watch the webinar?

Inbound leads getting lost in the funnel? Low inbound meeting conversion? This live webinar offers the fix from the pros who know. Get a behind-the-scenes view straight from Michael Hanson and Andy Culligan, who shared their creative tactics.

Watch now and get an in-depth look on how to convert more leads into opportunities.

Prospeting to convert inbound leads webinar

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