How Can I Help My Remote SDRs Improve Their Cold Call Skills?


How Can I Help My Remote SDRs Improve Their Cold Call Skills?

Hailey Pobanz, the SDR Manager at all-remote GitLab, gave us some tips on improving cold call skills with her sales development team. Check them out.

In this quick answer, Hailey Pobanz, Enterprise Sales Development Manager at all-remote GitLab, tells us how she helps her team improve their cold call skills. Here’s what she said – 

We find a lot of success in having a weekly cold calling session where we do mock calls. We use the sales training framework that we have for that.

We’ll do some concise mock calls where for example, you’ve got two minutes to book a meeting. And then others where we’re going through the qualification questions for that discovery afterward.

And I find my team has much more success with those when it self-run. So the SDR actually lead it. Someone is a moderator, and every week that rotates. The moderator SDR acts as the prospect and gives feedback, rather than it always coming from management.

I find that that way, you also get more collaboration, which again builds confidence, which I think is what drives forward sales skills on the phone.

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