Revolutionizing Sales: Why Your Business Needs Sales Analytics


Revolutionizing Sales: Why Your Business Needs Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics is crucial for businesses, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved performance. Here are the top 5 reasons.

In the dynamic realm of sales, where targets are lofty and peak performance is the golden standard, the landscape has transformed dramatically — enter the era of data. Sales teams, amidst the challenges of the digital age, are awakening to the realization that the single word that has altered the game is ‘data.’  That’s why everyone, from startups to giants, is increasingly betting on ways to learn more and improve faster. The name of the game is Sales Analytics.

These are the methods by which businesses extract information and insights from their sales. The primary goal is to help businesses make informed decisions, improve sales performance, and optimize sales processes.

Today, we’re looking at 5 reasons why your business needs to start thinking about sales data. 

1. Leave nothing to chance

Decisions are the cornerstone of every business. From the finer details of your product to the shade of beige that you pick on the wall, every day starts and ends with decisions. 

When it comes to sales, decisions are everything. We know they can’t be left to chance, so there’s only one way to be sure that we’re making the right choice: quality information. 

Using sales analytics fosters a data-driven culture where decisions are based on evidence and analysis rather than intuition alone. Not sure where to start? Bloobirds’ Sales Analytics empowers teams and their managers to make data-driven decisions and, ultimately, drive success on Salesforce.

2. Develop Better Strategies

For company leadership, decisions means strategy: thinking about long term goals and the intricate path to achieve them. However, as Sir Winston Churchill once said “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”. 

This idea is at the heart of data analytics. In order to look forward, it is essential to understand the present and have trustworthy information.

Bloobirds’ Sales Analytics equips strategic decision-makers with the tools they need to enable them to make informed choices, refine their strategies with precision, and ultimately, pave the way for long-term success. These include an improved Salesforce Dashboard for data visualization and tracking all-important cadence KPIs. 

3. Understand your Company 

We´ve all heard that you should know your enemy. But more importantly, we should probably be asking if we even know ourselves. This is especially important in a growing business, where details can be lost from one department to another. 

Data is a powerful force to counteract this process, allowing leadership to fully understand what exactly is going on at ground level. 

For a company using Salesforce, it can be easy to see things go wrong, but not to pinpoint the reason. Bloobirds Sales Analytics may prove to be the key to staying in touch with the details.  

4. Find your Weaknesses

Once we know ourselves, it’s time to start working on our  shortcomings. By conducting comprehensive sales analysis, a company can systematically identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. This information is invaluable for developing targeted strategies to address weaknesses and enhance overall sales performance.

This is where Bloobirds Sales Analytics comes in handy. Every step in your sales cadence matters, and with cadence KPIs, you gain invaluable insights. Understand which steps and circumstances are yielding the best results, as well as those that are lagging.

5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sales teams make hundreds of small decisions every day, and each of these adds up in the bigger picture. Success is in the details, and the details are in the data. 

Sales analysis can help you fine tune your sales tactics, to make sure every decision is the right one for you. One way Bloobirds can help is with Bloobirds’ Mail KPIs. This feature allows you to assess the effectiveness of your email campaigns by offering a deep dive into email performance metrics.

Whether they’re big decisions or small decisions, make sure they’re always great decisions with Bloobirds Sales Analytics.