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  • How to become the perfect sales manager

    Responsibilities, skills and interview questions. Everything you need to know how to become a great sales manager is here.

    Supercharge your Salesforce with Bloobirds’ Task Management

    Automate daily and repetitive tasks, customize activities, and never miss an opportunity with Bloobirds' task management feature.

    From chaos to clarity: transform data collection with Bloobirds

    No more wasted hours in manual activity reporting. With our data collection features users can save time and populate the crm with info.

    Unlock the power of sales with an email editor

    Bloobirds' email editor helps teams to boost productivity and send compelling messages to prospects and clients, powering up sales efforts.

    How to improve Salesforce usage with Bloobirds

    How many times did you find yourself struggling with your CRM? Whether it be to increase adoption in your team or look for key data many organizations have a hard time making the most out of their platforms. This is why improving CRM usage with apropiate tools is key.