SaaS Founders Conversation: Live Discussion with Collin Stewart


SaaS Founders Conversation: Live Discussion with Collin Stewart

Tune in to our live webinar for an enlightening conversation between Collin Stewart, co-founder and CEO of Predictable Revenue, and Toni Perez, co-founder and CRO of Bloobirds.

Prospecting can make or break your B2B SaaS – learn how to make sure it’s not the latter.

In our upcoming webinar, Collin Stewart and Toni Perez will share their secrets from building multiple revenue teams to help you optimize your SDR team for growth.

Collin Stewart, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, spent most of his professional career selling (10 years) before founding a software company. He enjoys sales, marketing, and product management, and believes the three disciplines need to develop a closer working relationship.

Another multifaceted founder, Toni Perez, has scaled several SaaS ventures to international success. As the current CRO of Bloobirds, Toni is one of Europe’s most renowned experts for B2B sales, outbound, and marketing.

What you’ll gain

Find out how Predictable Revenue is adapting its 2020 growth vision, straight from the Co-founder and CEO himself. Toni Perez, CRO and Co-founder of Bloobirds will also weigh in on using prospecting metrics to boost your scale. Soak up their expert insights about how to use this WFH time to optimize your outbound sales team, build pipeline, and make your cold calling and emailing more relevant. 

We’ll also cover:

  • The three crucial things every VP of Sales needs to lead his team through tough times
  • What the ideal cold-call should sound like right now (and the preparation behind it)
  • How to boost your SDR team’s activity level, without losing precision

How can I watch the webinar?

Join the webinar and get your questions ready for 10 minutes of live Q&A. Register now to be well on your way to turning your outbound team into a predictable revenue machine.

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