Prospecting From Home – How to Manage a Remote SDR Team


Prospecting From Home – How to Manage a Remote SDR Team

Tune in to our live webinar – Prospecting From Home. Get a 360 degree view of how to make your remote SDR team successful from the SDR, SDR manager, and Sales Ops perspective.

If you would have asked us back in January should SDRs work from home? we would have said no chance. (As a matter of fact, we did.)

While moving to a remote SDR team these last few months hasn’t been easy, we’ve definitely changed our stance on prospecting from the couch. We’ve learned a lesson or two along the way, and have some major wins and struggles to share.

If like us, you’re still working through the growing pains of managing your SDRs from afar, then you won’t want to miss out on our webinar with Bloobirds Director of Marketing & Outbound Marc Gasso and our Senior SDR Sebastian Sanders.

Together with Tom Andrews, Revenue Operations Manager at PassFort, you’ll get three unique perspectives on how to successfully managing remote sales development reps.

What you’ll gain

When we checked in with sales development managers in February about their feelings on remote work, one of their main worries was their reps becoming unmotivated. We asked outbound managers about ROI, and most reported an overall decrease in activity and opportunities generated for reps working remotely.

However, after living through this reality the past few months, we’ve got a few new tricks up our sleeves. In this webinar, our Director of Outbound will be sharing tactics to increase SDR performance and activity without that in-office team motivation.

Shortly after we went into lockdown, we also had the chance to talk with the legendary Trish Bertuzzi about how to help our team while forced into prospecting from their apartments. She suggested a work-from-home stipend and constant, genuine check-ins on personal and professional progress.

But, who better to give thoughts on what’s really helpful for SDRs, than a rep himself? Our Senior SDR Sebastian Sanders will be giving first-hand insights on what SDRs are currently struggling with and how to help as a manager.

While increasing SDR performance is a huge priority, without the pipeline data to review, improve, and optimize, all is lost. During the webinar, you’ll hear advice on how to overcome data quality issues with a WFH prospecting team from Tom Andrews. He’ll use his six years of experience in sales operations with companies like HP, Raconteur, and currently PassFort to give the rev ops point of view.

How can I watch the webinar?

Join our roundtable with Marc, Sebastian, and Tom, and get your questions ready for 10 minutes of live Q&A. Register now to be well on your way to turning your SDRs into work from home pros. 

Prospecting from home | A 360 view of managing a remote SDR team

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