Things You Should Do at Saastock Dublin 2019


Things You Should Do at Saastock Dublin 2019

Here's our guide to get the most out of Saastock Dublin 2019 for investors, founders, c-levels, whether your bootstrapping or scaling up.

Saastock Dublin is a must for any SaaS professional, founder or investor. The 2019 Dublin conference looks like it’s going to be incredible. With a host of amazing speakers, high-level strategy guides, and actionable workshops, Saastock 2019 will provide something for everyone.

What is Saastock?

Saastock is a community of SaaS (software as a service) founders, executives, investors, and professionals. The organization is comprised of local meetups and international conferences. These events take place around the world and throughout the year. The goal of Saastock is to help develop and scale SaaS companies by bringing together the best minds in the industry.

Saastock’s annual Dublin conference is shaping up to be an influential event. For those attending, we’ve outlined some of the highlights for anyone looking to learn how to scale their SaaS, learn from the best in the business, and make connections.

So, here are our recommended “must-sees” at the conference in 2019.

Explore and Enjoy Dublin

Why have we at Bloobirds put this top of the list? Simple, Dublin is a hub of tech activity and the Irish just happen to be some of the friendliest people around, you can make this work to your advantage.

So, we would encourage you to get out into the city, not just the networking events, have a pint or two of Guinness, and strike up a conversation. With companies like Intercom, Amazon, Facebook, and Hubspot all located in the city, you never know who you’ll bump into.

Network Your Saastock Off

Get those business cards printed now, because you won’t get many better chances to meet so many SaaS professionals in person. If you are a CMO or director of sales, it can be hard not to think about just how much it would cost you to get these people on a demo or meeting via normal means, but refrain, don’t sell.

We recommend attending workshops that solve issues potential clients might be facing and look for people working for companies with similar target markets – partnerships are always good to keep in mind.

Scope Out the Competition

The Saastock conference provides you with a great chance to put faces to names. It’s never a bad idea to meet those people you are bidding against on AdWords and generally trying to outperform.

Check out what they are pushing about themselves, it might be revealing. While it’s not likely you will be able to get any top secret info about their future plans, you get the chance to chat about the industry and make connections with the people you are playing against – they are probably nice guys. 

Our Guide to Saastock Dublin 2019 Sessions

1. For a Solid Foundation go to “Inbound Sales Bootcamp”

Although we believe in all things outbound here at Bloobirds, we know that combining inbound and outbound efficiently is a recipe for success for any SaaS. The panel discussion will be lead by Stan Massueras, the European Sales Director at Intercom, formerly of Facebook.

This session will provide founders, C-levels, and sales directors a comprehensive approach on how to build a solid inbound sales machine.

2. For Industry Benchmarks See “Insights From 500+ SaaS Companies on How to Grow Faster in 2019”

Ever wonder just how good your KPIs are? Unless you have access to the internal working for multiple SaaS companies it can be hard to gauge your performance. We recommend going to this session run by OpenView. These guys have compiled insights from 500+ executives. They promise to give actionable takeaways that will help CEOs improve key SaaS metrics like the cost of acquisition, churn, and growth.

3. For Expanding an Acquisition Strategy Check Out “Strategies for Successfully Moving Upmarket”

A challenge all SaaS companies will face at some point is the move upmarket. Rephael Sweary, co-founder of WalkMe is well placed to hand out advice on this. This session will provide sales directors and founders with some insight metrics to measure, efficiencies required and practical strategies for success. Rephael will also lean on his own experience and talk about the pitfalls to avoid.

4. To Learn About Reach Through Partners Go to “Nailing and Scaling Your Global Go-to-Market Strategy”

The Bloobirds team will all be present at this masterclass delivered by Jonno Southam from AWS and CEO Matthew Scullion of data transformation provider Matillion. We consider ourselves pretty good at scaling outbound sales and marketing but this session promises to teach founders and CEOs how to build a partnership based ‘sell-with’ go-to-market strategy. It will also cover the tools available and the practical plans needed to achieve a truly global reach – make sure you are ready to take notes!

5. For Practical Workshops, You Must Attend the SaasCity Bootcamp

Theory and anecdotes make for good Ted Talks but here in the SaaS industry, we want real-world models to grow and scale. SaaS.City is just that, it’s issue-focused workshops made to facilitate learning and networking from professionals in the field.

Our co-founders, Javier Darriba and Toni Perez are delivering a SaaS. City workshop on how to build a systematic framework for scaling sales teams. Our Bloobirds’ pros will explain how to engineer your team into a high-performing sales machine. The workshop promises to kick any growth plan into gear. Reserve your spot now in the Architecting for Growth boot camp on October 14th. 

The event will likely create some extremely successful partnerships and be the foundation of a number of future success. If you are struggling with anything sales related, let’s have a chat! We can’t wait to see you there.

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