Should SDRs Work From Home?


Should SDRs Work From Home?

In theory, sales development reps can get all of their daily tasks done remotely: cold calls, emails, etc. But in practice, do SDR results suffer? Find out.

Remote work and hashtag digital nomad is all the rage right now. So, you can only expect your sales development representatives to express curiosity in the trend. But is working from home (WFH) the right fit for your team? 

We asked sales leaders in our social media community and got some mixed feelings on the subject. Check out the summary below: 


While it’s true that working from home, in theory, is perfectly fit for an SDR, they might miss out on the feeling of team camaraderie.

SDRs typically thrive on support from their peers and the motivation from a little friendly competition. Plus, face-to-face support from a manager is vital when offering complex SaaS solutions and targeting enterprise accounts.

While some SDRs can prosper alone, many become unmotivated. When we asked outbound managers who have tried offering WFH about ROI, most reported an overall decrease in activity and opportunities generated.

WFH as a Reward

Another way to look at remote work is as a motivational tool. Try driving the team as a whole by setting a team target.

What can your SDR crew look forward to when they crush their goal? Try half-day Fridays, work from home Mondays, or the ability to pick a flex-day of their choice next month.

Giving your team a little extra autonomy as an incentive builds trust and encourages goal-reaching behaviors.

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