Supercharge your Salesforce with Bloobirds’ Task Management


Supercharge your Salesforce with Bloobirds’ Task Management

Automate daily and repetitive tasks, customize activities, and never miss an opportunity with Bloobirds' task management feature.

In the fast-paced world of sales, staying on top of tasks and maximizing productivity is crucial for success. Sales professionals often juggle multiple leads, follow-ups, and activities simultaneously, making task management a daunting challenge. However, Bloobirds’ Task Management feature is here to revolutionize sales processes, overcome task overload, and boost efficiency.

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Benefits of adopting Bloobirds’ Task Management

  • Efficiently Tracked Tasks: Memory-based follow-ups are prone to errors and oversights. Bloobirds eliminates this issue by evolving plain task lists into a seamless, automated tracking system. Sales reps receive timely reminders for the tasks they need to complete each day, ensuring that no opportunity falls through the cracks.
  • Clear Priorities: With Bloobirds’ Task Management, sales professionals can view their tasks in a well-organized manner. The system prioritizes tasks intelligently, allowing reps to focus on critical activities first, which leads to more effective time management.
  • Increased Efficiency: The automation and streamlined workflow provided by Bloobirds result in boosted productivity and faster sales cycles. Sales reps can work with greater efficiency, leading to reduced stress and increased job satisfaction.

Bloobirds’ task management, in detail

Bloobirds’ Task Management feature offers a centralized and intelligent solution to harmonize and organize sales professionals’ work seamlessly. By automating routine tasks and intelligently prioritizing activities, this tool ensures that sales reps can focus on high-value actions and make the most of their time.

Tasks Tab: A Seamless Tracking System

The Tasks tab in Bloobirds replaces the need for manual memory-based follow-ups with a highly efficient and automated tracking system. By using this intuitive tool, users receive timely reminders for tasks, ensuring that all opportunities are promptly followed up. With Bloobirds’ Tasks tab, sales professionals can trust the system to optimize their workflow like never before.

Tunnel Vision Mode: Focus Without Distractions

Bloobirds’ Tunnel Vision Mode is designed to enhance daily task management by minimizing distractions. When users activate the mode, they can work on their tasks without interruption. The mode displays the first task on the list in a bubble format, with detailed context about the lead or company.

This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, as the relevant information is readily available. Once a task is marked as done, the next task automatically appears, streamlining the workflow further.

Cadences/Sequences: Efficient Lead Management

Managing multiple leads efficiently can be challenging, but Bloobirds’ Cadences feature provides a solution. By structuring sales activities into consistent and systematic sequences, sales professionals can reduce the risk of lead exhaustion and improve prospecting success.

The Cadence feature seamlessly integrates both manual and automated tasks, ensuring a balanced, precise, and effective outreach. With Bloobirds’ Cadences, sales reps can manage their sales process with newfound ease.

Custom Tasks: Unparalleled Control

Bloobirds offers customizable tasks, allowing users to tailor their cadences to match their unique sales processes. Users can add any activity they typically perform to their cadences, such as sending WhatsApp messages, SMS, email, visiting LinkedIn profiles, and more. These custom tasks can be quickly and easily logged from the user’s side, offering unparalleled control and flexibility in managing sales activities.

Inactive/Nurturing Tab: Keeping Opportunities Alive

In sales, it’s crucial not to overlook inactive or nurturing leads that may still hold potential. Bloobirds’ Nurturing/Inactive Tab intelligently monitors and manages such leads or companies that have no future tasks scheduled.

Through the aid of the platform’s ‘Wizards,’ sales professionals are guided to reengage with potential prospects that might otherwise be forgotten. Bloobirds ensures that the sales pipeline remains dynamic and productive, leaving no opportunity out of the loop.

Automation/Workflows: Streamlining Sales Operations

Bloobirds’ automation capabilities streamline sales operations and automate daily tasks, reducing the time spent on administrative duties. By freeing up sales reps from repetitive tasks, Bloobirds allows them to focus on delivering precise and relevant outreach to prospects, ultimately driving more sales and revenue.

With efficiently tracked tasks, clear priorities, and increased efficiency, Bloobirds empowers sales reps to unleash their productivity potential and take their Salesforce to new heights. Embrace Bloobirds’ Task Management and experience a seamless, automated, and highly productive sales process like never before.