From chaos to clarity: transform data collection with Bloobirds


From chaos to clarity: transform data collection with Bloobirds

No more wasted hours in manual activity reporting. With our data collection features users can save time and populate the crm with info.

In today’s data-driven business landscape, companies understand the importance of collecting and utilizing accurate and comprehensive data. However, many organizations face the challenge of incomplete or missing data, leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. 

In this article, we will explore how our platform, Bloobirds, tackles this problem head-on with its innovative features that ensure no data goes unnoticed or unrecorded.

Why data collection matters

The process of gathering, measuring, and analyzing information from various sources with the purpose of gaining valuable insights is known as data collection. This can be accomplished through different means, including monitoring social media, tracking online activities, conducting surveys, and receiving feedback. 

Essentially, businesses strive to collect data across three main categories. The utilization of data is revolutionizing the way we conduct business. By harnessing data, organizations can enhance work quality, extract meaningful insights, forecast trends, mitigate risks, save time, increase profits, and make more informed decisions, among other benefits. 

Through data collection, organizations gain access to a wealth of valuable information, allowing them to thrive in today’s competitive market. Moreover, data collection aids in improving services, comprehending consumer needs, refining business strategies, expanding and retaining customer bases, and even generating profits by selling data as second-party data to other businesses.

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Transform data collection with Bloobirds

Taking into consideration how collecting data is a key aspect for every company, managing that information is also as important. Automating this activity on your CRM is fundamental to make sure all the data is being stored properly while boosting productivity in your teams. This is how Bloobirds’ data collection works:

Activity Tracking

Key aspects of effective data collection: tracking and recording all relevant activities. Bloobirds automatically collects and tracks activities, storing them in one centralized location. This eliminates the need for sales teams to manually record every interaction and ensures that all information is accurately recorded in both Bloobirds and Salesforce at the same time.

Furthermore, Bloobirds offers seamless integration with various communication channels, allowing sales teams to record all activities automatically such as:

  • Calls.
    Calls are logged automatically as soon as they are done or answered. And not only you’ll be able to know when they were done but also the result and recording can be checked easily without switching to another platform or your phone’s record.
  • Emails Sent or Received.
    All your emails, received or sent, are saved and tracked automatically from your email account provider. Additionally, emails can be accessed and read without having to switch to the provider’s tab.
  • LinkedIn messages.
    All LinkedIn messages are automatically saved in each lead’s activity. Past conversations can be easily accessed within Bloobirds, eliminating the need to navigate to LinkedIn’s webpage.
  • Meetings.
    Past or upcoming meetings are registered automatically either the result and notes from the ones that already happened or the notes for the ones that haven’t happened yet.

Guided data collection

Collecting data “the old way” means hours of manual tasks and relying on man power. This could lead to missing or incomplete information. Bloobirds streamlines the data collection process through guided assistance and automation, ensuring that no important data points are missed. Key features include:

  • Digital call assistant.
    After a call, Bloobirds’ digital assistant gathers important information and ensures that no crucial data is overlooked or forgotten.
  • Meeting result wizard.
    After any meeting, this wizard will ask for the meeting result and next steps the user wants to do. It will make important information forgotten.
  • Inactive process assistant.
    Bloobirds takes care of the inactive companies or leads by ensuring that all are properly managed and attended to with some next step.
  • Automatic data gathering iInformation collection from LinkedIn.
    Bloobirds enables users to save contact details from leads directly to the platform with just a click, ensuring that no valuable information is left behind.

Intuitive Dashboards

Bloobirds not only enhances data collection but also offers comprehensive dashboards that provide deeper insights and analysis. These dashboards integrate seamlessly with existing tools, providing sales teams with access to more data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Efficient and accurate data collection is a crucial factor for success in today’s competitive business environment. With Bloobirds’ revolutionary features, companies can overcome the challenges associated with incomplete data and ensure that no valuable information is missed. 

By seamlessly tracking activities, providing guided data collection, and empowering users with insightful dashboards, Bloobirds is transforming the way sales teams collect, utilize, and leverage data. Experience the power of comprehensive data capture and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.