What Does the Ideal Prospecting Cadence Look Like?


What Does the Ideal Prospecting Cadence Look Like?

If you want to grow pipeline and close meetings, then take a quick look at the ideal prospecting cadence.

As you’ll see through trial and error, the optimal prospecting cadence is unique to each and every company. 

But there are most certainly some key aspects of any successful cadence. 

Let’s jump on in.

Make it intense and multichannel

Any reputable prospecting cadence will last approximately 10-13 days. Some companies, however, may find that they fare better with fewer days. 

Regardless of duration, all cadences are similar in that they begin powerfully and gradually subside in intensity as time passes. Our experience has taught us that the first 5 days should be the most intensive as there is the best chance of reaching prospective clients. 

Of course, don’t just make a phone call and cross your fingers. Even though the phone is the top converting channel, an ideal cadence is multichannel. Balancing calls with LinkedIn messages and emails can improve your results of getting in contact with different leads. 

Target multiple buyer personas

Those who successfully reach out to prospective clients are those who contacted several important personas within the same targeted company. Be multichannel, be multitarget.

By the same token, a strong prospecting cadence considers the origin of leads and adjusts intensity accordingly. For example, if a lead is inbound, cadence should be more intense to match the interest already shown by the prospective client.

Focus on contactability

Before focusing on pitch or messaging, build a cadence that drives your ability to contact. If you want to know if your prospecting cadence is running smoothly, consider contactability the key. Check out the benchmark below and make improvements to your process wherever necessary.

The benchmark for contactability is a 40-60% conversion rate.

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