What’s a Bluebird? Sale slang definition


What’s a Bluebird? Sale slang definition

What's the meaning of a bluebird in sales? Dive into this commonly used term that inspired our sales engagement platform’s name.

What do Twitter, happiness, and successful sales teams all have in common? 

There’s one type of cute, flying creature that represents them all: the bluebird. Defined as happiness by the Oxford English Dictionary, this aviary symbol, and common bird is also near and dear to many of our hearts. 

But, what’s the meaning of bluebird in sales? We’ll dive into the sales term that inspired our sales platform’s name in the article below.

Let’s get started –

What does bluebird mean in sales slang terms?

Just one of the many sales slang terms thrown around, bluebird, means an unanticipated or incredibly profitable sale. In short, the cheery word signifies an opportunity or deal that falls into a sales rep’s lap unexpectedly, without much effort.

You might hear it used in a water-cooler convo such as this:

“Hey, how’s your month closing out? I’m actually sandbagging a few deals for next month because I’ve already hit quota.”

“Yeah, I was so worried about ending Q3 on a low-note. And then this white whale prospect came through a referral all of a sudden. That bluebird opp saved my month.”

So, the next time a new business deal seems to just fly through the window, make sure to thank your lucky stars for a real bluebird opportunity. 

What’s an example of a bluebird in sales?

Every true bluebird’s got a great story behind it. So we asked our team here at Bloobirds for their best sales tales:

Seb Sanders, current AE, shared, “One of my first sales ever was what I would consider a bluebird. A huge account from Mexico, a market we hadn’t yet explored, jumped onto my radar last March. As it turned out, their newest sales leader and key decision-maker used Bloobirds at another smaller firm previously. So, he set up the idea internally, and just two weeks later, they’d signed the deal with me.”

But, the digital sales team isn’t the only department that can get in on the unexpected action. 

Sofia Guzman, Marketing Manager, explains, “So, one day we were having a prospecting competition at Bloobirds, where marketing had to get into the outbound game. I sent my first LinkedIn message to an AgriTech prospect and got an immediate response. Just three weeks later, they were signed and delivered.”

Bluebird sales are great, but don’t rely on luck

Sometimes sales reps get lucky. But, most of the time, great sales opps come from hard work, dedication, and organization.

Bluebird opportunities are fleeting; meanwhile, double-o Bloobirds is the key to driving the long-term sales growth your organization needs. 

Bloobirds turns your sales team into a systematic, opportunity-generation machine. Assist your sales reps through every step of their day with our next-generation sales platform.

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