Why should I reward my SDRs’ best cold calls?


Why should I reward my SDRs’ best cold calls?

What insights and results can you create by rewarding your SDR team's best calls? Discover how recognizing prospecting calls creates motivation and improves SDR performance.

There are two main reasons why you should be taking the time to recognize your SDRs’ best prospecting calls.

The first is rather straightforward: you’ll motivate and coach your team members earlier and give them concrete examples for success. It may not seem like much, but it will keep your sales development reps on track from the beginning to the end of the prospecting cadence.

At the same time, rewarding for the best calls can be an opportunity to gauge your SDRs’ performance and create a healthy, competitive work environment.

Here at Bloobirds, we have a weekly contest, in which we ask sales development representatives to submit their three best calls.

We assess these calls according to the following criteria:

50% – Pitch

20% – Effective Opening

20%- Effective Closing

10% – Originality 

While there’s not enough time in the day to listen to all the calls our reps make, this contest helps us get a taste of how they’re conversing with leads and identify areas for improvement.

Plus, it ignites a little friendly competition while also monitoring the team’s messaging. Try using a similar contest to both keep your reps accountable for their personal performance and bring more creativity into their calls in the coming weeks.

Coaching up your team on their best calls means you’ll be on the right track for even more growth and higher revenues

Want to discover other ways to keep your SDRs motivated? Download our SDR compensation guide to see how you can boost SDR performance and generate more deals.

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