Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Our Live Webinar With Aaron Ross


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Our Live Webinar With Aaron Ross

On December 3rd, Aaron Ross and Kenny MacKenzie from Predictable Revenue are joining us for a live webinar. Find out the three reasons why you can't miss it.

Certainly, Bloobirds has teamed up with Aaron Ross and Kenny MacKenzie of Predictable Revenue to bring you a live webinar: The Four Pillars of Outbound Sales.

To sum up, Here are three reasons why you should get registered now.

I Mean, It’s Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is the author of the Silicon-Valley, sales bible Predictable Revenue. He has been doubling and tripling revenue since the early Salesforce days consequently.

Currently, as CEO of Predictable Revenue, he’s empowering SaaS companies to multiply ARR through outbound sales. 

Aaron will join us, along with Predictable Revenue CPO Kenny MacKenzie, to answer your most desired sales development questions.

Kenny is an expert in outbound validation: testing different targets and messages that resonate with a solution’s market. They’ll use this scientific approach to answer precise questions sourced straight from sales leaders.  

Together, they’ll discuss the pillars of a successful outbound sales plan with Bloobirds co-founders Javier Darriba and Toni Perez. In addition, Javier will share insights from years of experience, including building UserZoom to 250 employees with $50M in funding.

Toni isn’t a stranger to startup success either. He catapulted Red Points from a 20 person team into the fastest-growing Spanish SaaS.

Aaron Ross along with Kenny MacKenzie will discuss the pillars of a successful outbound sales plan with Bloobirds co-founders Javier Darriba and Toni Perez

Learn Which Tactics Added $100M to Salesforce

How did Aaron get Salesforce to $100M in recurring revenue doubling their enterprise growth? The answer is the four central pillars of outbound sales:

  • Targeting – how you isolate your market.
  • Messaging – how you start the conversation to get them engaged.
  • Channel – where you are starting that conversation.
  • Tactics – tools, your CRM, outbound sales platform, how you structure your team.

Certainly, on this live webinar, we’ll be talking about these topics in detail. Combining them into a strategy to validate your SaaS’ growth plan.

Find out How to Validate Your Target Market

All four of the pillars above are crucial; targeting and messaging act as a multiplier of efforts. Talking to your customers is the quickest way to validate your go-to-market strategy.

Find the real target accounts, for instance, ideal customer profiles within those companies, and the right messaging. With a scientific approach to outbound sales; you’re going to get to know what adds value to your product, and what doesn’t.

In conclusion, our speakers will be sharing their combined GTM expertise of building Bloobirds all-in-one outbound sales platform, and Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Validation program.

Also, they’ll be answering a few pre-selected questions from registrants, make sure to get signed up sooner than later.

Don’t miss it

On December 3rd; we’ll demonstrate how to use outbound sales to test markets and find the perfect target accounts to power your growth strategy.

To sum up, Join us for a memorable discussion with these four B2B sales powerhouses, sharing their firsthand experiences of building revenue machines.

Want to learn more about the Predictable Revenue team? Check out the fresh content on their blog and podcast.

Live Webinar: The four pillars of outbound sales with Bloobirds and Aaron Ross

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