Imagine a Salesforce That Sales People Love? We did it.


Imagine a Salesforce That Sales People Love? We did it.

Do you have Salesforce and a sales team? Bloobirds is for you. Discover what Bloobirds on top of Salesforce can do for you.

Do you have Salesforce and a sales team? Bloobirds is for you, and you’ll love it. Check it out now

CRMs like Salesforce are designed to report and register information. They don’t help the sales be more efficient and productive or sell more. In some cases, the adoption and usage of Salesforce is so low, that there’s triple frustration.

  • For the company, as they have made an investment of time and money in implementing the CRM with a minimum and disappointing result
  • For the manager, as they don’t have the data they would like to find in Salesforce
  • For the user or salesperson, because they feel forced to use a system that it’s not helping them.

Does that sound familiar? Well, we have good news. We have a solution.

We’re now officially on top of Salesforce, no matter what task or next step you have to do, you can now do it through Bloobirds. We all understand what “on top of” stands for, but, what does that mean in terms of the sales team’s daily tasks?

We all know CRMs are not made for selling but for reporting, this implies the CRM is just a database that’s not seller friendly.


So, what’s new?

EVERYTHING’S NEW with this release, that’s the summary.

We’re ready to transform any Salesforce account into what any sales team actually needs.

Bloobirds sits on top of your Salesforce to increase its adoption, boost productivity, and as a result, drive more revenue. It adds a set of powerful productivity and task management tools that add value to actually using the CRM.

It saves time when it comes to admin task management for any sales rep and it also guides them through every step of the sales process intuitively.

Bloobirds already made the sales process more efficient but now, it does it for you without having to switch between tabs and with a 3-minute installation process.

What are the main benefits of it?

  • Increases CRM adoption and data hygiene – Reps are guided through every step of the sales process and make sure all the data managers need is collected thanks to the intuitive collection process.
  • Boosts your team’s productivity – Reps forget about admins’ tasks and focus on selling without having to worry about distractions
  • The system reminds you – No more companies forgotten or opps lost, every task that’s needed is reminded to reps
  • All communication channels are in one place – You can call, write emails or send LinkedIn messages without leaving the Salesforce tab.
  • Enables you to stay relevant – Bloobirds’ new AI keeps relevance powered through the new smart email editor which not only shows past activity and calendar view but also suggests content depending on the message that’s being written

How does it work?

What are the main features that make Bloobirds unique?

Linkedin extension

Bloobirds pulls leads’ and companies’ information straight from LinkedIn into Salesforce and allows reps to call, message, or start a cadence without leaving the LinkedIn app. Not only that but also you’ll find Bloobirds’ playbook and messaging assistance features supported on top of LinkedIn, making selling even more effortless.


Make and receive calls on top of Salesforce from your computer or mobile device while keeping track of performance and results.

Smart email editor

Bloobirds suggests the best sales pitch, marketing content, and snippets based on key variables like Target Market, Personas, and Scenarios while writing an email and sending it from on top of Salesforce. This makes reps more relevant and precise and helps them know exactly what to say when to say it, and how.

Activity tracking

Keep track of all activity in one tab and in real time. Every interaction matters and that’s why Bloobirds registers every call, message, or email automatically, so reps can focus on having more and better conversations without losing a single detail. All those details can be seen on top of Salesforce easily.

Task management

Bloobirds transforms the classic Salesforce lists into easy-to-follow tasks on the Bloobirds extension, so sales activity is increased and reps never lose track of their companies, leads, and opps.

And there are many other incredible features that add a lot of value to it such as:

  • Conversational data gathering
  • Wizards
  • Workflows
  • Calendar
  • Sequences
  • Playbook

You’re now in the loop

Up to date with our news but still want to know more? Book a quick call with us and make sure you take advantage of the latest features; all of them have been incorporated thanks to the feedback we receive from our users.

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