15 Essential Tools for Remote Sales Development Teams


15 Essential Tools for Remote Sales Development Teams

We've lined up the very best remote sales tools for communicating and collaborating, video calling, and managing prospecting processes.

Maybe your sales development team has been remote since day one.

Or maybe this new work-from-home reality is far from anything you’ve ever managed before.

Either way, the right tools are critical.

Without them, a remote SDR or sales prospecting team can’t create the success you’ll need to stay competitive. And since it looks like remote work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s time to get your tech stack in check.

We’ve lined up the very best tools for communicating and collaborating, video calling, managing sales processes, and overall, closing more deals.

Plus, we threw a few in there to shake things up and help your team have a little more fun while working remotely. Let’s get started – 

The best tools for remote selling and prospecting:


Aircall is the cloud-based call center and phone system of choice for modern businesses.

A voice platform that integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and helpdesk tools. Aircall was built to make phone systems easy to manage – accessible, transparent, and collaborative.

Aircall believes that a great conversation is the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, candidates, and colleagues. It is designed to enable delightful moments of human connection.



Finding the email addresses of your prospects shouldn’t take up precious outreach time. Fortunately, with Hunter’s Email Finder, you can find verified email addresses in seconds. 

The tool uses the most complete database of public email addresses to find the right contact information (like 66 million website data sources 😳). 

Just add the first and last name of the person you need to reach out to and the website’s domain. You’ll get the result in seconds. Or use the handy Chrome extension that can find the email addresses of a website with a single click. It can also perform bulk email lookups for a list of people and is available in the API.



With decision-makers sitting at home, now is the time to get them on the phone. RocketReach is a free tool that helps SDRs connect directly with the right prospects, using the world’s largest and most accurate database of emails and direct dials.

The browser extension is also a major time-saver for busy SDRs, allowing them to pull phone numbers in a flash while prospecting on LinkedIn.

Plus the Zapier and Salesforce integrations means quick, accurate data in your CRM software or prospecting platform.



Snov promises to help you spend less time on finding leads and more on converting them. Their free email verification tool can be a lifesaver for SDRs with a packed pipeline.

But, data and email addresses floating around in Gmail don’t really help your prospecting processes. Fortunately, you can sync your data to and from over 2,000+ sales and marketing tools and customer support platforms for complete workflow control.



With prospects’ inboxes more saturated than ever, your remote SDRs need a way to break through the noise. Vidyard can offer just that.

Best remote sales tools - VidYard | Bloobirds
Quickly record videos and insert them into outbound emails

From easy video creation to powerful video analytics, the easy-to-use video platform helps SDRs create personalized messages with a human touch. The completely free screen recorder and video uploader can help your team explain your solution and engage your audience, whoever and wherever they are.



To manage your reps from afar, you need your best plays and strategies landed in something easier to follow than a shared Google Doc. 

Bloobirds’ Playbook feature puts your go-to-market strategy into a precise framework and context for your reps to easily follow.

Plus, our platform lets SDR managers control their reps’ results, activity, effectiveness, and quality in real-time. When it comes to onboarding, get new SDRs up to speed almost two times faster.

And with today’s competitive B2B sales playing field, time is of the essence.

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Chili Piper

You know the drill. A lead fills out your demo form and gets a thank you page saying they’ll be contacted “shortly.” Meanwhile, your at-home SDR rushes about, pulling up a calendar app, Slacking their AE, trying to make sure their availability is updated.

Thirty minutes later, it might already be too late.

Chili Piper lets prospects instantly schedule an appointment or get a phone call from a sales rep after filling out a form. The automatic scheduling software is helping solve the remote SDR to AE handoff.



What’s worse than finally getting a prospect on the phone and your roommates or kids start yelling about what’s on the TV in the background?

Can’t think of anything? Neither can Krisp.


Krisp allows your sales development reps to speak without noise interference. With a single button, the background noise going from you to other call participants will be removed. And you can try it for free.



Notion has become the collaboration tool of choice for product, developer, and sales teams alike. For remote sales teams that are just getting started, they offer a quick and collaborative place to organize all meeting notes or even share a single playbook.

Remote Sales Tools | Collaboration Tools | Notion | Bloobirds
Create an interactive content library for your sales team

Here at Bloobirds, we use Notion for a sales resource and content library, and to create interactive onboarding documents. The simple and beautiful user-experience makes it easy and fun to keep things updated.



When it comes to remote selling, one thing that seems to get lost in translation sometimes is the company’s vibe. So, how can you help your remote reps buy into the company culture and be part of the team?

RandomCoffee can help build a sense of camaraderie within your SDR team and other revenue departments. The software puts two team members together in a video chat to create targeted connections between employees with a unique matching platform.

Plus, the simple Slack plug-in option makes it a breeze to get started.



Remote work has a ton of benefits, like less distractions, and less time spent commuting. But one thing that it hinders is team social connection – a crucial part of motivating SDR teams.

That’s where Atium comes in. They aim to help busy sales teams make time for the important social moments that are vital to building a strong remote culture.

Atium | Remote Sales Tools Bloobirds
Atium builds social connections through a simple Slack plug-in

The simple Slack plug-in can help you motivate your reps, build connections, and prevent burnout.



That morning stand-up meeting can get a little redundant when it’s always through a computer screen. Complish injects fun and efficiency into the daily meeting routine.

The app offers daily check-ins on Slack to keep your SDR team accountable and build transparency. Which are key factors for meeting quarterly goals.

But, making cold calls from the couch can take a toll on reps. So even more importantly, you’ll collect the daily mood of every member of your team so you can follow up with any reps who might be struggling.



There’s no mystery that on the list of sales team communication tools, Slack is sitting comfortably at number one. The instant messaging platform speeds up internal communication and keeps teams connected in real-time.

But there’s another way your SDRs should be using Slack.

With more people using the communication app than ever, your reps can now probably find a Slack community dedicated to your ideal buyer persona. Have them join the group, get involved, gain insights, and start building future customer relationships.



Teamwork makes the dream work, especially for remote sales teams where transparency is key. Teamwork’s ability to create workflows and have a single source of truth on all tasks can help SDRs and sales reps stay connected on overall company projects.

Coupling task management and collaboration with their CRM product, as well as live chat, and you’ve got a cool tool that’s used by remote sales teams across the globe.



In the past few months, Zoom has become indispensable to remote sales teams. Noted for its simple, user-friendly platform, it’s become the go-to video conferencing tool.

The collaboration giant also recently launched Zapps, its brand new integration suite. Now users can access Asana, HubSpot, and Slack, and more, all while inside video calls. With even more sales-friendly plug-ins like Gong and Pitch, this platform is bound to stay in every productive sales team’s tech stack.



To scale up your ROI-driven networking skills, you need a solution like Beaconstac. Beaconstac’s digital business cards enable solopreneurs, mid-sized businesses, and enterprise-ready organizations to diversify their lead generation and prospect management through the effective use of digital business cards.

The solution is pretty straightforward to use, and you can choose a plan that best fits your team. You can personalize your digital business cards and customize the QR codes to best align with your brand. Sharing these digital business cards is super easy, and you can even share them through Apple or Google Wallet.

To top it off, you can integrate the solution with your CRM or HR tools, as Beaconstac offers 5000+ integrations. The solution is GDPR and SOC Type 2 compliant, too, vanishing your worries of data theft or unauthorized access.


Great remote sales tools are just the beginning

Even if you’re using the best software for your sales reps and SDRs, without a proper onboarding and ongoing training plan, all could be lost.

Learn how to onboard new remote reps from the experts. Hailey Pobanz, Enterprise SDR Manager at the all-remote giant GitLab, and Michael Hanson, B2B Sales Expert and founder of Growth Genie, offered us their onboarding pro tips.

Watch the webinar and join us to crack the code on onboarding SDRs… from the couch.

No-Nonsense Roadmap for Remote SDR Onboarding

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