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Should I Rethink My SDR to AE Handoff Process?


Should I Rethink My SDR to AE Handoff Process?

The standard SDR to AE handoff model passes a prospect to the AE as soon as possible. But in modern SaaS sales, should we rethink this process?

We asked Tinesh Kansara, SDR Team Lead EMEA at Airship, about switching up the standard SDR to AE handoff. Here’s what he said –

So, what is the standard SDR to AE handoff set-up?

Typically, an SDR runs a qualification or discovery call and then passes the prospect on to an AE quickly, in order to hit their target.

The problem is, this doesn’t work in the age of COVID-19. Relationship building and smart insights are driving current conversations.

And how can an SDR establish trust and educate if they’re looking to introduce a prospect to another colleague at their first chance? Let’s not even get into the confusing buyer experience.

In turn, we’ve empowered the SDR team to demo Airship’s stand-out features. Our SDRs can now have the confidence to engage in highly technical conversations with marketers to help them learn something new.

Booking a meeting with the AE that offers real value based on previous conversations with the SDR naturally flows from there.

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