Why a CRM can’t manage outbound sales effectively


Why a CRM can’t manage outbound sales effectively

While your CRM provides powerful insights into lower-pipeline processes, your outbound activities may not be getting enough attention.

The complexity of the sales process can make defining its phases and their purposes a confusing process. Each step of target company research, prospecting ideal buyers, contacting, and closing a deal needs its own set of tools. Attention to the specific needs of these separate phases creates a faster scale for any B2B SaaS. However, a traditional CRM isn’t customized for each of these phases, including outbound sales.

What is the outbound sales process?

In the upper-funnel, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) prospect leads via emails and calls to convert them into meetings. In the meeting, an Account Executive explains your product or service’s benefits and turns the lead into a business opportunity.

SaaS is a different playing field

Nowadays, in the hyper-competitive market space, companies aren’t afraid to invest in technology for their sales department. A sales tech stack must systemize, manage, and analyze the current funnel and make valuable forecasts. Typically, the majority of this investment goes into a CRM such as Salesforce or Pipedrive. 

In a SaaS company, sales and marketing teams need more than just a traditional CRM to assist them. Inbound marketers and customer success departments require additional specialized tools, so what about the outbound team? While a CRM gives a generic overview of the outbound process, external tools and integrations are needed to perform basic actions—like activity tracking and KPI measurement.

Despite being a useful tool, a CRM isn’t complex enough to achieve a well-rounded outbound sales strategy that integrates your playbook and systemizes your processes.

Why can’t a traditional CRM effectively support the outbound sales process?

Account-based sales

This theory treats each company as one unit, with multiple ideal customer profiles within one account. In a traditional CRM, one lead responds to one person. You’ve heard of account-based marketing, so why not apply the same strategy to sales? Think globally and approach a potential client as a representation of an entire company. This strategy allows more profound insights into a company’s scenario and considers a multiple-decision maker situation.

Sales-oriented vs. task-oriented

Outbound sales requires that an SDR takes specific actions in particular phases. Furthermore, these tasks should be automatically prioritized daily to set up the SDRs for efficient goal achievement. CRMs can’t assist an SDR with task automation or organization. Therefore, a proper SDR tech stack must add a tool to generate appropriate tasks to optimize the sales process.

Workload management

The goal of a CRM is to assist the user from start to finish to convert a client into a business opportunity. However, with each SDR managing an average of 100 companies in their outbound pipeline, a CRM alone isn’t capable of executing the heavy lifting. Systematic prioritization and company goals must direct order for each day’s tasks. This structure, allowed by an all-in-one outbound sales platform, allows your reps to focus on star accounts.

With each SDR managing an average of 100 companies in their outbound pipeline, a CRM alone isn’t capable of executing the heavy lifting.

Activity tracking and cadence control

When prospecting potential customers, it’s vital to know how often to contact them to achieve favorable and engaging responses. To establish an effective cadence, record the total amount of contact attempts and responses. Unfortunately, recording this crucial piece of outbound strategy is something that a CRM can’t do on its own.

The fix

In summary, having a strong outbound sales strategy is key to being able to scale your SaaS. The right tools are critical to skyrocketing growth. Bloobirds can help by assisting your process with an all-in-one outbound sales platform customized for B2B SaaS companies. Find out more.

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