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Why is Bloobirds' Solution different?

Your sales playbook does not belong in a powerpoint

Bloobirds digitalize your sales playbook so sales reps are guided and know what to do and how to do it

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Everything your reps need in one place

Bloobirds combines all the features your team love into one platform.

Without Bloobirds

With Bloobirds

Your sales strategy on one side and your outreach tools on the other. Having your team go back and forth is a recipe for disaster.

All contactability tools connected to your built-in sales playbook. Your reps will follow your go-to-market strategy without even realizing it.

What is a sales playbook and why do you need it to be digital?

Processes: How do I assign inbound leads? When should I send a company into nurturing? These processes must be followed closely, something which can't be done in a spreadsheet or stand-alone document. They have to be integrated within the sales engagement tool.


Inbound management

Pre-qualifyng and qualifyng processes

Recycled companies policies

Discarded and nurturing accounts management

GTM Strategy: What kind of companies do we want to sell to? Who do we want to talk to? Make sure your sales team knows by implementing it into Bloobirds.

Target Market

Target Persona

Value Prop by TM and TP

Content: What’s the best messaging to deliver? How do we structure our pitch? Even the best trained SDR will forget pitches and qualifying questions from time to time, especially in complex markets. Avoid this and suggest the best messaging content in real-time.

Pitches and Templates


Sales collateral and marketing content

Objection handling

Analysis Model: A playbook has to offer actionable data that allows you to understand your market. What target personas are easier to contact, which markets offer a higher conversion, which pitch works best, etc. The key is having a good data model and great data collection.

Actionable Data

Conversion Rates

Market Insights

Strategic Metrics

Find out which sales engagement solution is best for you

First, what’s your main goal?

Precision-based sales and intensive outreach

If you’re looking for more than just automated sequences, Bloobirds has got what you need. Help your reps stick to your strategy and get quality results.

High-volume and automated sequences

If you’re prospecting B2C or unlimited markets then, yeah, standard sales engagement tools like Outreach and Salesloft, have probably got you covered. But keep scrolling to learn about alternatives.

Sales tech-stack options. Which ones is better for you?

Standalone CRM

CRMs have evolved into sophisticated tools for handling some sales processes, but not proper personalized outreach. That’s because CRMs are made for sales, not prospecting.

CRM plus a power dialer and email

Starting out with Salesforce plus a dialer and email tool is totally understandable. But as you scale, this option is still missing the prospecting processes and insights you need in place.

An average sales engagement platform

A super option for SDR teams with an unlimited target market or simple volume-based processes – but not the best option for precise prospecting.


Sales engagement + In-App Playbook

The total package: real-time strategic guidance for SDRs and sales reps, plus insights into your highest converting channels, markets, and personas.

Bloobirds Features

Loved by every member of the revenue team

Sales Reps Never miss another follow-up

What I like about working with the platform, apart from being assisted daily, is the fact that I can actually measure the quality and success of my pitch. By being able to see my conversion rates from meeting to opp, I can see exactly where I need to improve.

G2 User

Enterprise (>1000 empl.)

Sales Operations Get all the data you need, at the right time

I can completely recommend Bloobirds to everyone who wants to achieve greater results in B2B Prospecting while not compromising on quality. So, the usage is very easy, the support is doing a great job and the product thinks B2B Prospecting in a new and different way, which we started to like a lot.

G2 User

SMB (80 empl.)

Sales Managers Built-In Sales Playbook

When you have Sales Development representatives (BDRs or Inside Sales reps.) working from home, you need bloobirds. Specially if you need to onboard new members to the team. The ramp up period for us is critical and we need a prospecting platform that helps SDRs onboard and learn fast.

G2 User

Startup (100 empl.)

Join the next generation of sales engagement

Build a sleek, assisted sales prospecting process - without complexity getting in the way.

Built-In Sales Playbook

A sales playbook is more than just email templates. With Bloobirds, reps know exactly which buyer personas to prospect, what target market to go after, and the best message to use. You’ll make sure reps follow your best sales plays and go-to-market strategy, without even realizing it.

Intuitive Task-Assistance

It’s easy to stay on top of a thin pipeline. But, when you’ve got a mountain of accounts to prospect and close, you need extra help. And not like Salesforce help – where reps still have to make decisions at every turn and remember which forms to fill out. You need the software that always tells you your next best move.

More Data, Less Admin

Ah, the joys of classic sales software: chasing after reps to update their pipeline, log meetings and call results, and those lovely No Entry fields. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Turn data collection into a conversation – and get all the data you need, at the right time.

Refreshing UX

Spending eight hours a day inside one platform is no joke. Here’s a sales engagement platform that’s actually made for sales reps (not just their managers) that offers a game-changing workday experience. A simple and enjoyable UX doesn’t hurt either.

Sales Dashboards (That Actually Mean Something)

Open rates? Basic. Knowing which sequence is working best? Fine enough. But, how about tracking who’s the best target persona in terms of contactabilty? Drill down into your highest converting target market, buyer profile, and pitch – all without building a single custom dashboard.

Ready to see your team triumph?

Get winning results with real-time, strategic assistance at every step of the outreach process.