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How CloudBlue powered up their sales team 

CloudBlue is a SaaS company that assists businesses in transitioning to the subscription economy. They needed to create a proper sales strategy but faced challenges in managing their sales engagement and having a complete picture of their data.  This is why Toni Perelló, Outbound Manager, and Albert Miñano, Data Analyst, turned to Bloobirds for help.

The challenge of building a sales team

Before Bloobirds came to the rescue, CloudBlue was looking to both implement a proper sales strategy, which meant creating their current sales team: fully remote and outsourced. At the time, they were only counting on Salesforce, which wasn’t fully helping them.

Sales engagement was difficult, “we didn’t have any sequences to implement nor adequate sales pipeline”, Toni says. On top of that, data handling was also a struggle, “Salesforce was not enough to have relevant information and a complete sales picture”, Albert mentioned.

These two issues combined made it difficult to focus their sales efforts. CloudBlue was on the lookout for a solution of easy implementation, fast onboarding, and seamless integration with Salesforce.

Bloobirds on top of Salesforce: a game changer

In the words of Toni Perelló, “Bloobirds gave us the possibility to centralize all sales tools under Salesforce.” The main benefit? Finally, they were able to launch their new outbound strategy but more importantly, they were able to go from 3 to 12 reps in under a year.

CloudBlue was then able to Smoothly manage a team of fully remote reps, all in different countries and targeting different markets, with full visibility of the sales process. Having a remote team, made up of outsourced reps, made it almost mandatory to have a solution that centralized sales processes and automatically updated the CRM data. 

“The platform gave us visibility into the activity of our sales team worldwide. As we have an external team working in different markets and regions, the platform shows us the details of each sales rep’s activity”, Toni commented. On the same note, Albert assured: “What I like most about Bloobirds is how easy it is to see really relevant information. We also appreciate that the integration with Salesforce is extremely easy.”

Main features loved by CloudBlue

While Bloobirds provides a complete set of tools to power up Salesforce, there are unquestionably two favorites that arise on top of all: the contact tools and the centralized dashboards.

The first one makes it possible to integrate all contactability tools into Salesforce, so sales reps can be sure to contact each lead through their favorite channel. On the other hand, the central dashboard helps to better visualize results and understand key data. “I can monitor salespeople’s activity, analyze how they are doing in terms of emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages, and I can measure their productivity”, Toni said. 

Recording and storing data without risk of loss or duplication is also a top advantage appreciated by the CloudBlue team. As Albert stated, “Bloobirds really helps us to have good data hygiene and to properly translate that information into results in our sales dashboard. We have been able to identify key markets that are not responding adequately to our message or which channels work best for us.”

Bloobirds’ seamless integration with Salesforce alongside its powerful features made it possible to upgrade CloudBlue’s sales efforts. According to Toni, “Bloobirds has made my life easier. I am very happy to use this platform for my daily business and also for vendors because of its flexibility.”

Bloobirds really helps us to have good data hygiene and to properly translate that information into results in our sales dashboard.

alberti miñano

Albert Miñano

Data Analyst