How Gamelearn implemented their contact tools and sales playbook to book more meetings.









How Gamelearn moved from Salesforce challenges to optimal sales output

The game-based e-learning platform Gamelearn has quickly become a world-leading platform with an ambitious revenue team ready to take on more. So, when their team of 20+ sales reps was struggling to stay on top of prospects and implement strategies for going after new markets, Rachel Ann Kreis, CMO, decided to turn to Bloobirds.

The challenge of a constantly growing sales team & limited market size

Before Bloobirds, Gamelearn’s sales team didn’t have the tech they needed to guide them through their workday. Using Salesforce as a catchall for marketing (Pardot) and sales + a sales productivity app, early market data wasn’t captured during the prospecting process.

Rachel noticed that some reps were outperforming others. But why? She didn’t have time to sift through messages sent and incomplete data fields to figure out what value propositions were resonating the most. Without strategic dashboards, Gamelearn lacked the competitive insights needed for even greater success. 

Tamara Traba, SDR Manager, felt like she was constantly asking her reps to fill out Salesforce fields. She knew this wasn’t ideal for either party and was convinced that there had to be a platform that could eliminate her admin tasks, as well as her teams’. But, without intuitive data collection, the challenge ensued. She needed an app that collected data intuitively, like a conversation. Not one that made her feel like she was constantly reminding reps to fill out forms.

Salesforce CRM + Bloobirds App = success at scale

Just a few short months after getting started with Bloobirds, Rachel saw a major shift in her both strategy implementation and sales output. She and Tamara were thrilled that they could break down every part of their sales and marketing playbook by effectiveness. The bonus? Their reps were happier too.  

Rachel explains, “There are many different types of tools out there which involve a lot of strategy, but you actually can’t see that strategy implemented. So, it helped us not only to ask ourselves the important questions: target markets, ICP, pitches, the rest. It actually allowed us to implement that strategy into a tool that’s easy to use. My SDRs love it, and so do I.”

Tamara felt Bloobirds was built for both her and her reps to work smarter, not harder. She shares, “There are plenty of tools that focus on automation. But that’s not enough anymore, especially if your market is limited. You have to prospect the right people, use the right messaging, ask the right questions. And my team feels assisted during the whole process. I think they really appreciate not having to go through admin tasks that only slow them down.”

Just one year after getting started with Bloobirds, Rachel, and Tamara also cut their sales rep’s onboarding time down by almost half. With the ability to make better decisions at scale and seamlessly guide their sales team, Gamelearn’s revenue team is unstoppable.

Bloobirds helped us not only to ask ourselves the important questions about Target Markets, ICPs and Scenarios, but also implement our strategy into a tool that’s easy to use, our SDRs love and so do I.

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Rachel Ann Kreis

Chief Marketing Officer

Real talk.

The true story behind Gamelearn's growth

We sat down with Gamelearn’s revenue leaders Rachel and Tamara to have a quick chat about how Bloobirds has changed their company. They shared real insights about implementation, integrations, and results. Start scrolling to get the real story behind Bloobirds implementation and if their sales productivity dreams became reality.

Hey Gamelearn team! Let's start our intros :)

gamelearn rachel


Hey there! I'm Rachel Ann Kreis, CMO.


And I'm Tamara Traba, SDR Manager.

Tell us a little about the challenges you ran into before Bloobirds.

gamelearn rachel


I struggled finding a solution that not only allowed me to build our strategy, but actually put it into practice.


I agree. I also needed to something my sales team could work with that would motivate them and actually help them with their daily tasks.

What was your main concern about rolling Bloobirds out to your company?


Not being able to track the right information and losing sight of my team's activities.

And how long after rollout did you first see results in your prospecting team?


It was fast! Within the first couple of months.

Nice! And what were the biggest changes that you saw in team performance?


More meetings with higher quality. Also, the amount of data we're now able to collect is way more strategic.

gamelearn rachel


Yes! Having our sales playbook built within Bloobirds has made it easier to implement it and have everyone on the same page. We're now a more efficient and solid team.

How has our product impacted your personal success? And your team's success?

gamelearn rachel


Order and precision would be the words to describe it. I can actually measure the type of pitches that the sales reps are using and make sure that they're asking the right questions so I'm able to give them better feedback.


Yes, I would just add that our team has a better understanding of their pipeline. They now know exactly what to do and when to do it and can easily just flow from one task to the next one.

Ok, time to play favorites. What the best feature of Bloobirds?

gamelearn rachel


In-app Playbook! Not having to go back and forth between different docs or having to rely on outdated powerpoints is the winner for me.


I like that you can tell that's a tool that's been made specifically for sales teams. Its super intuitive and easy to use and makes the rep's job way easier.

OK, last question. What's your advice to others who might be considering Bloobirds for their team?

gamelearn rachel


Go for it! It's not your average sales tool, it's a game changer!