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    Should I Pay My Marketing Team Commission Based on MQLs?

    We asked marketing pros to express their opinions about commission for marketers. Should they be paid commission like sales reps, but based on MQLs?
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    Who Should Own the Chatbot: Marketing or SDRs?

    We asked top marketing managers who should own the chatbot for sales. Find out their opinion; SDRs, marketing, or a combo?
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    Which TOFU Metric Can Get Sales and Marketing In Sync?

    Revenue Operations Leader Tarnjeet Nandra explains which TOFU metric makes both teams more effective. Find out more.
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    Why Should I Analyze the Reasons Behind Disqualified Leads?

    Find out how the reasons behind disqualified leads can unlock some major learnings about your SDR team.
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    How Can I Improve My Landing Page Conversion Rate?

    We asked top marketing managers what takes a landing page from good to great. Find out their secrets to success.