Masterplan increased sales effectiveness by 113%









How Masterplan doubled their sales team’s output in just two months

The leading e-learning platform Masterplan boasted a hardworking and efficient sales team from its very inception. So, when their sales reps were non-stop dialing, emailing, and messaging their prospects without the results to match, Khalid El Bakouri, SDR Manager, knew it was time to implement Bloobirds Salesforce app.

The challenge of transforming sales efficiency into effectiveness

Before Bloobirds, Masterplan’s sales team didn’t have the tech they needed to guide them through their workday. Using Salesforce to prospect, the CRM left them without clarity about what set of actions worked best to book a meeting with their ideal target company. Sales reps always sent the message they thought worked best, but they lacked real-time template suggestions or data to back up their guesswork. 

Khalid was determined to find out why his team’s highly efficient activity rates weren’t bringing in the qualified meetings he needed to deliver. But, without an overview of daily tasks performed and which of those tasks converted into business opportunities, the challenge ensued. He needed a sales productivity app that gave him the visibility necessary to guide the team to victory.

3X sales opportunities + 2X sales team size = a bright future ahead

Just a few short months after getting started with Bloobirds, Khalid saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel. He and Sales Operations Manager Gerald Steinhaus saw their sales dashboards soar up and to the right – boasting a 200% increase in qualified meetings from June to July. 



Gerald knew that the efforts of the Market Research Team contributed to this big win. With Bloobirds’ real-time account segmentation (by target market, ideal customer profile, and business scenario), Gerald and Khalid could easily see what market and type of leads generated quality meetings. Passing the info along to Market Research, win after win became the new norm. 

Just one year after getting started with Bloobirds, Khalid has proudly doubled his team size. With the ability to make better decisions at scale and guide all the sales team as one unit, more seamless growth is on the horizon.

Leading a remote SDR Team and developing it can be so easy with Bloobirds. Our team is way more focused on each step in the prospecting cycle and the quality of meetings.

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Khalid El Bakouri

SDR Team Lead

Real talk.

The true story behind Masterplan's growth

We sat down with Masterplan’s sales leaders Khalid and Gerald to have a quick chat about how Bloobirds has changed their company. They shared real insights about implementation, integrations, and results. Start scrolling to get the real story behind Bloobirds implementation and if their sales productivity dreams became reality.

Hey Masterplan team! Tell us a bit about yourselves.


Hey there! I'm Khalid El Bakouri, Sales Team Lead.


And I'm Gerald Steinhaus, Sales Operations Manager. Excited to chat :)

Same here. So, tell us a little about the challenges you ran into before Bloobirds.


I didn't have an overview of all leads for one company or an effective cadence tool. Salesforce wasn't enough for precise prospecting.


Ditto. And in my case, I needed more specific reporting and better-structured task management.

And how did those challenges lead to you bring Bloobirds onboard?


Well, I was just so ready for a Salesforce app to help all of our sales productivity problems.


Exactly. And we wanted higher conversion rates from our sales team and better-qualified meetings.

What was your main concern about rolling Bloobirds out to your company?


Integrating it with Salesforce, honestly. But in the end, things went quickly and smoothly.

And how long after rollout did you first see results in your sales team?


It was fast! Within the first couple of months.

Nice! And what were the biggest changes that you saw in team performance?


Better qualification and higher concentration on fewer prospects. Also, faster insights because of improved reporting.


Right, we saw way more meetings with higher quality. And we could get conversion rates of the best ICPs and business scenarios.

How has our product impacted your personal success? And your team's success?


One word: focus. Now everyone is focused. Instead of having a huge pipeline and low outcome, our sales team has a structured and scored pipeline with high results.


Precisely. Our team is way more focused on each step in the sales cycle and the quality of meetings.

Ok, time to play favorites. What the best feature of Bloobirds?


Hands down the company overview with all leads and all information you need on one single page.


The ease of lead to company mapping and the Smart Qualifying Questions.

OK, last question. What's your advice to others who might be considering Bloobirds for their team?


Ask whatever questions you have about Salesforce integration – and buy it!


Just do it! Leading a remote sales team and developing it can be so easy with Bloobirds.